St Tropez Spray Tan

Treatment time: 30 minutes
A fast and flawless tan.

St Tropez Classic Top-to-Toe Tan

Treatment time: 1 hour
The original full body application tan including exfoliation.

Clarins So Natural Self Tanner

Treatment time: 1 hour 10 minutes
This crème de la crème of self tanning treatments for face and body includes a deeply pampering massage and gives skin a gorgeous, long-lasting, glowing, golden colour that looks as natural in winter as it does in summer - and you can even get dressed immediately.

Decléor Sunrise

Treatment time: 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes
Face and body sun-preparation ritual for a healthy-looking glow all year round.  Exfoliates, eases tension and relaxes.

Guinot Beaute Soleil

Treatment time: 1 hour
For a glowing instant tan this moisturising self tanning treatment gives a long lasting evenly bronzed colour to quickly achieve that post-holiday glow.