Advanced Skin Care

The Bio Brasion Crystal Skin Peeling Facial

A gentle and relaxing facial exfoliation treatment which removes dead skin cells. The treatment smooths lines achieving a smooth
radiant and glowing appearance. The Bio Brasion works with a fine
stream of crystals which are gently propelled onto the skin’s surface.

Beauty-Tox Ultra Treatment - the ‘celebrity facial’

using the Nora Bode OxyJet System
Breathing new life into the skin Nora Bode OxyJet is the world’s
most effective oxygen facial system. It smooths fine lines and
wrinkles by delivering shots of pure oxygen and specialised ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.

Beauty-Tox Ultra is the powerful alternative to injections. The Nora Bode OxyJet System reduces the intensity of muscle contractions responsible for the formation of lines in the eye area, forehead and
mouth. It amplifies collagen in the skin to decrease lines and wrinkles
to give a smoother complexion.
Choose: Single treatment or Course of 5.

Nora Bode Maxi-lip Treatment

Maxi-lip is a patented ingredient and is a natural peptide that volumises the lips, and will increase the collagen level making the lips look fuller and plumper. The perfect treatment for those wanting the ‘perfect pout’.
Choose: Single treatment or Course of 5.